Ajodhya pahar hills station

Ajodhya pahar hill
Ajodhya pahar hill
Ajodhya Hills Station is a small hill station it is located in the Puriliya district in the indian state of West bengal, india. Ajodhya hill station is a part of Eastern Ghat of India. Ajodhya hill is located most poplular town is a Bagmundi. Ajodhya hill station is the most popular for youngs mountaineering the hill station for the climb the rocks in ajodhya hill station.

Ajodhya hill station is range of Pakhi Pahar. This is most popular tourists place. The season of the Winter where the get maximum tourists in the Ajodhya hill. There are many types of various tourism interests in the Ajodhya hill station such as the tourists like the natural trails trekking enjoying the ajodhya hil station during the raining season. Ajodhya hills Station is popular for the young mountaineers to the learn course in the rock climbing in the ajodhya hills.

Ajodhya hill station is 42 km from the Purulia via the Sirkabad. It is mountains withe the table land. Ajodhya is a famous for the tourist destination hill station. Ajodhya hill station is 700 m above the sea level. Pure and beautiful the air in the up there will. Ajodhya hill station is best activity is rock climbing and the mountaineering is indulge. 

How to reach Ajodhya Hills Station

You can visit the Ajodhya hill station is many ways. You can travel from the Kolkata city by the train up to the Purulia Station. You can also visit the by Road the Ajodhya hill station in the Kolkata city.

The distance is Purulia to the Ajodhya hill station is 40 km via Baghmundi town and travel total time is around 1 hour 30 minutes by the roads. The Roads condition is good in the Purulia to Ajodhya Hill station.

Best time to visit Ajodhya Hills Station

The best time is visit the Ajodhya hill station is Winter from the October to February seasons is the most best time to the visit Ajodhya hill station when the weather is concerning in the Ajodhya hill station. 

The Ajodhya hill station weather temperatures ranges the between the 4°C to the 18°C. 

Beautiful places in the Ajodhya Hills Station

Ajodhya hill station is mix of hills Station with the mid densce forest hill station. There are some place is most dense and deep forest. The forest is part of the Dalma forest and Chhota Nagpur Plateau. There are the total 9 dams and around the hill station region. 

There are many beautiful places in the Ajodhya hill station is near by the Turga Dam and Lake is the most popular by the tourists. The Bamni waterfall is famous water fall in the Ajodhya hllls. The Turga Dam site is tourist spot. Where you can visit and spend their time and day. 

Others beautiful places like Matha Buru is also known is Matha Hills is a aesthetic beauty in the hill station. Pakhi Pahar is another tourist places in the Ajodhy hill station and there are a forest reserve area. The Pardi Dam beauty with the scenic. 

Ajodhya Hills Hotels

list of top 10 best hotels in Ajodhya Hills: There are many types of hotels in the Ajodhya Hill Station. 

  1. Akash hilltop resort
  2. Malgudi resort
  3. Ajodhya Guest House
  4. P.P.S.P guest house
  5. Hotel Hill View
  6. Eco Adventure Resort
  7. Matha Forest resort
  8. Hotel Maharaja inn
  9. Amantran Lodge
  10. Lodge Avoya
There are many type of the Guest house, Bengal Government run the many guest house such as Upekhit, Anamika, Niharika, and Bihabar. Tourists booked the Forest Rest house in the Ajodhya hill by the official website.

NOTE: Ajodhya hill station is many type of the animals such as leopard, elephant and snakes and the other dangers in the places. There are mostly Sal and segun mixed forest. 

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