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I still believe movie
I Still Believe film is a 2020 American Christian Musical romantic drama film. The film is based on the life of Christian Music singer songwriter Jeremy Camp and his the first wife, Melissa Lynn Henning Camp. The film directed by the Erwin Brothers and I Still Believe cast Starring KJ Apa, Britt Robertson, Melissa Roxbertson, Shania Twain and Gary Sinise the main actors in the film. The main role is Jeremy Camp I Still Believe.

I Still Believe full movie was released in the theaters on the March 13, 2020. The film is earned the $9.1 million. I Still Believe 2020 watch movies full HD online. The film is the first production is by the Kingdom Story Company, It is the Erwin Brothers fifth features film and second the Lionsgate banner released. The I Still Believe movies is first premiered at the ArcLight Hollywood on the date of March 7, 2020. And this film is received the mixed reviews critics.

This film directed by the Andrew Erwin and Jon Earwin is a Earwin Brothers. I Still Believe film writing credits by the Jeremy Camp, Jon Gunn, and the Jon Earwin. The Production companies is the film to Kevin Downes Productions and the Second is Kingdom Story Company is produce the movie. I Still Believe movie is multiple relaese date fix for the many country. And this film is many others film title name is many others country.

I Still Believe Cast

  • KJ Apa as the Jeremy Camp
  • Britt Robertson as the Melissa Lynn Henning Camp
  • Gary Sinise as Tom Camp
  • Shania Twain as Teri Camp
  • Melissa Roxburgh as Heather Henning
  • Mathan Parsons as Jean Luc Lagoie
  • Abigali Cowen as Adrienne Camp
  • Reuben Dodd as Josh Camp 
  • Nicolas Bechtel as Young Jeremy
  • Terry Serpico as Mark
  • Tanya Christiansen as Janette Henning
  • Cameron Arnett as Doctot Furst
  • Rushi Birudala as Raj
  • Anjelah Johnson-Reyes as Professor Rochester 
  • Mike McGill as Engineer
  • Sahjanan Nasser as Maria
  • Alex Taylor as DJ #1
  • Alyssa Gonzalez as Orientation Guide
  • Griffin Hood as Guard
  • Edward Rashad Smith as Tattooed Guard
  • Katie Anne Moy as Jacqueline
  • Steven Laney as Guitarist
  • Ed Litton as Dean of Students

                                    The Movie I Still Believe Production

                                    The Movie I Still Believe is the first project deal the struck the Erwin Brothers and Lionsgate. It is a first film produced by the Kingdom Story Company. This film Studio is founded by the Erwin Brothers, Tony Young and Kevin Downes. 

                                    The film is Produced by the Chad Ahrendt is a co-producer, Matt Balm is a executive producer, Jeremy Camp is executive producer, and more others peoples. Music credit by the John Debney in the movie. Kristopher Kimlin is a Cinematography in this movie. I Still Believe movie is editing by the Parker Adams, and the Ben Smallbone.

                                    Filming and Theme

                                    The I Still Believe movie is began his filming the mobile, Alabama area in May 2019, and after it was filmed entirely. The film is main theme Jeremy Camp, on his file in the film is based.

                                    I Still Believe movie is main filming location is Mobile, Alabama, United State of America and Second is Gulf Shores, Alabama, United State of America. This film is filming date is 21 may 2019 to the 1 june 2019. 

                                    I Still Believe Song/Music

                                    The I Still Believe movies songs is composed by the John Debney. The most several song is written by the Jeremy Camp during the film, such as including the "I Still Believe", "This Man", and "Walk by Faith"

                                    This film is many Soundtrack listing.

                                    • I Still Believe
                                    • Jeremy Says Goodbye
                                    • This Man
                                    • Take My Hand
                                    • My Desire
                                    • Right Here
                                    • You Call I'll Answer
                                    • I Can't save myself

                                    I Still Believe movie release date

                                    I Still Believe movie is first premiered at the ArcLight Hollywood in the California on the March 7, 2020, and this film was released in the North America theaters on the March 13, 2020 by the Lionsgate

                                    I Still Believe film on demand and Streaming

                                    I Still Believe film is due to theaters closing the Lionsgate and Kingdom Story Company is announced the film would get the Video on Demand released on the March 27, 2020. This movie is rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. This film is first trailer is releaed on the date of August 2019. And the Second trailer is a movie is released by the date of January 2020 this year.

                                    I Still Believe Full Movie

                                    You can also view this I Still Believe 2020 full movies hd online, and also search and view the online stream the film. The I Still Believe movies is first premiered at the ArcLight Hollywood on the date of March 7, 2020. And this film is received the mixed reviews critics. 

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